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the creation of the word for orange; connections to east, dream, fire, warmth, comfort

Date: Mon, 12 Aug 2002 00:39:45 +0100 (BST)
From: Marnanel <>
To: Firinel Taranen <>
Subject: Re: nimyad?

On Mon, 12 Aug 2002, Firinel Taranen wrote:
> dunno if that write went thru..
> no, what?
> caral?


> so if I wanted to say 'the dreaming field', or something like that

dreaming field (field that is dreaming): caral nimarnan
dreaming field (field for dreaming in): caral marnanoth

> 'poppy field'

caral narafeloth

> 'field of orange poppies' or something much more lyrical like:

caral narafeloth majan

> 'the field of the orange dreamign flowers'

caral fefeloth majan marnanoth
field of-flowers orange of-dreaming


caral fefeloth majan nimarnan
field of-flowers orange a-dreaming

> what would it be called?
> since green is (as in the green website spun off of, is
> called Taranen Fin, I wanted to see if we had something similar for you
> (and eventually for Riordon?)

oo, cool idea. yes, let's do that.

[ linguistic notes:

1. I'm guessing at the word for "orange". "majan" means "dawn".

2. "narafel" interestingly means "flower of creation", but it's in the
lexicon. (I think it's short for something like nara-marn-fel, "flower of
creation of sleep", but it's also possible that poppies figure more in the
creation legend than I'd realised.) ]


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